About myself

Artist Statement and Motivation

I've been surrounded by arts and specially photography since I was born, I learnt what I know about technique and process from my father, and have been practicing as a hobby since I was a young kid, but it has only been recently, due to his death, that I've become more interested in moving beyond the snapshot and creating art as a way to share in a more meaningful way something that he loved doing.

Perhaps it's the fact that this move started out of a way of dealing with grief that my work is centered mostly around the nostalgia of loneliness and the sadness of desire; my landscape searches for beauty in desolation, my portrait and body photographs tend towards the minimal, focusing on a single  details at a time, an expression, a line, a feature, always trying to find the minimal aesthetic qualities that are still recognizable as part of a whole, but beautiful on their own right.

If I gave you my card or contacted you directly

I don't do commercial work, I am only interested in honing my craft as an artist and perhaps someday create something worthy of exhibiting, so if I reached out, its not an offer for a service, it's a request for collaboration.

If you're interested, just write back to me (there's a contact form on this site) and we can talk about my current ideas and projects and see if you'd be interested in being part of my vision.